Graffiti in Vyksa (Zhukovka)

I want to talk about the beautiful town of Vyksa. The city located near Nizhniy Novgorod city in Russia. There is a festival of ART OVRAG. The festival takes place every year from 2011. Each festival creates a lot of art objects. In this article I want to talk about graffiti.

Let’s start from Zhukovka microdistrict. You can find it use google map. Also you can use yandex maps It has links on the graffiti, but it doesn’t contain several pictures. I’ve marked graffiti which I know on the image below. You can click on a small graffiti pictograph (they clickable).

graffiti map in Zhukovka

Eugene Ozzik (0331c) Moscow Basil LSD Alex Kislow (Russian, Sevastopol) Petro & Slak (Aesthetics), 2013 QBic Kazan, 2013 Aber & Morik, 2013 chaos of words Zuk Club, 2013 HGNS Team, 2015 Zeaner (310Squad), 2013 Aleksandr Blot, 2015 Tale of Lost Time. Pasha183

1. Aleksandr Blot, 2015

Boy riding a horse

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2. Zuk Club, 2013. Guys from Moscow team «Zuk Club» painted giant flamingo. Neck of bird twisted in a spiral and black island under the bird looks ominous. Authors have wanted to draw attention to the problem of environmental protection.


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3. Alex Kislow (Russian, Sevastopol).

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4. Aber & Morik, 2013. Aber from Barnaul. Morik from Novosibersk. The gyes founded the first graffiti agency FGA which works across the Russia.

DSC_0780_1 DSC_0778_1 DSC_0777_1Go to map

5. According to the authors, the metaphor of sculpture contains the following idea:
«The object creates a chaos of words, letters that form the river and flow down. Then the words are to «scatter» around the city. »
To the word «fled», it was made shoes with soles, seals in which volunteers have passed across the Vyksa, leaving imprints of words.


The object initially looked for another.old chaos of words

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6. Eugene Ozzik (0331c) Moscow. Birdhouses. I believe it a very cool graffiti 🙂

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7. Basil LSD painted this delicate almost watercolor graffiti.

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8. QBic, Kazan, 2013. The main theme of his work — it changes taking place in modern man, and his throwing and confrontation.DSC_0787_1Go to map

9. Petro & Slak (Aesthetics), 2013

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10. HGNS Team, 2015

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11. Zeaner (310Squad), 2013

pavlin on a school

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12. I don’t know the author this graffiti.

DSC_0793_1Go to map

13. Tale of Lost Time. Pasha183, Painter deaed on aprill 2013. Graffiti was renovated in 2015.


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I’ll write about other fraffiti in new articles.

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